Feedback Friday: When Moths Attack

Our first story deals with the deadly well accident that happened on Thursday out in Fisher County. 

The news of the men's deaths has many in Fisher County grieving  and we here at KRBC along with you the public are  saddened as well.
Here is what some of you had to say on our Facebook page.
Lauren posts,

"Rest in peace guys. This town will miss you."

Lizzy adds,

"How sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the ones who were lost" 

Our next story has to do with the invasion of the winged- invaders, the moths!
Our Marlisa Goldsmith had to battle the flying bugs on Thursday night!

Jessica writes in that

"They are really bad. I live in Clyde and I have a bug zapper. I thought it was going to catch fire because there were so many but it stinks when it zaps alot of them."

Rebecca has this to say, "I am investing in 3 bug zappers this weekend! I get swarmed every time I go outside! Can't even leave porch light on for my son, when he gets off work."

And Tim has this purely Texan type solution to the abundance of moths currently being found in the area,  he suggests the use of a,


Friday was KRBC Anchor, Megan Dobbs' birthday.  Some of you have already written in with your birthday wishes for her. 

Bonnie says,

"Happy birthday Megan! Hope your day rocks and you get yummy gluten free cake!"

And we close with Zac who writes this little dity,

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Megan! Happy birthday to you!"

Nicely done Zac.

Now, if you would like to let us know what you think about the news stories, drop us a line on our Facebook page or submit your thoughts to the Feedback Friday section of our website!

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