Financial Impact of Lime Shortage Hits Home in Abilene

Published 05/14 2014 03:28PM

Updated 05/14 2014 03:35PM

Restaurant and bar owners around Abilene are saying that the price of limes has almost tripled due to a recent shortage, and this is affecting consumers and businesses more directly than you might think.

Owners say they have been dealing with skyrocketing prices for about two months now and, as the demand continues to increase, so does the price.

A case of limes was about $30 before the shortage, and now it costs close to $90.

For shoppers, a simple lime was .25 cents, now at some stores its more than a dollar.

It's a national issue that is blamed on weather and a limited harvest.

Local businesses like Chelsea's Pub say the lime is becoming the most expensive part of the drink, rather than the alcohol.

Some local businesses say if this continues, they may have to raise prices.

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