Fire Shocks Neighbors, Destroys Pool House

Wanda Nash was spending her mother's day at home when she heard a loud boom.

"And I thought maybe it was a blowout or something here. Kids drive crazy around here. And I just thought it was a car," she explained

But when she walked outside, she saw more.

"I just saw blazes above the trees. It just scared me to death," she went on to say. "I saw all these blazes."

Flames had erupted in a pool house on Countryside Road. The building was destroyed. Wanda was looking at flames that were just feet away from her home. She and other neighbors stood by, watching her neighbor's burning shed.

"They were kind of in shock like I was. They didn't have much to say," Wanda said. 

And as she watched crews put out the flames, Wanda says she was concerned about her own home.

"I just wanted to get out here and make sure it didn't get across the street," she said. 

Happy that the family is okay, Wanda says it was still a scary way to spend her mother's day.

"Go to church and come home and see this."

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