Fireworks Laws: What You Need To Know

Despite dry conditions that could reinstate a future burn ban, fireworks stands hope they see the support they need this 4th of July.

"The third and the fourth is where it gets insane," Says Michael Hendon at TNT Fireworks. "We usually have 30 to 40-thousand dollars in business just that weekend, which is great."

While it is legal to buy sell and use fireworks outside of Abilene city limits, there are some provisions that could get you in trouble.

"They give us manuals so we could read over everything regulations wise before we sell anything. We've had a couple fire marshals come in and tell us that we need to make sure people know where they can use them," Said Hendon.

For example, absolutely no fireworks or sparklers are allowed inside city limits.

That means once you cross the line, simply having them in your possession could cost you.

City officials say police could fine you anywhere from $150-$500.

Here's how it all breaks down. Manufacture, sale, possession or use of fireworks is prohibited in the city.

On private property outside of those limits, you must not be on a roadway, in or from a motor vehicle, and make sure to abide by rules of distance.

Law enforcement says these rules will be strictly enforced to ensure everyone has a safe and successful holiday.

"Deputies will be out patrolling rural areas, there will be zero tolerance for anyone caught breaking the law," Said Deputy Katherine Handy of the Taylor County Sheriffs Department.

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