Flu cases up in Abilene Area

At James McCoy's Drugstore on Judge Ely Boulevard, everything from Vitamin C to cold medicines are flying off the shelves.

"That's a good thing," said pharmacist and owner, James McCoy.  "It means people are aware of it and actually acting."

While all of those things can alleviate irritating cold and cough symptoms, it seems nothing can stop this years bout of season flu cases from skyrocketing.

"Some people have the really bad aches and pains and fever and classic flu symptoms, some not as bad," said McCoy.

The number of confirmed cases in Abilene have more than quadrupled from this time last year.
That's because nationwide, the worst part of the flu season is hitting weeks ahead of schedule.
And vaccines are in short supply.

"We gave close to 3-thousand this year and we're out right now," says McCoy.

But, just because you got the flu shot recently...doesn't mean you can't get the flu.

"It takes ten to fourteen days for the flu shot to take affect. So if you've come in contact or you've been exposed to the flu there's a good chance you could get the flu anyway, even if you've gotten a flu shot," says McCoy.

It's hard to predict when and for how long a flu season will stick around...but McCoy says there's a lesson to be learned for next year.

"The moral of the story is that next year make sure September, October, get your flu shot up front then you'll be ready when it hits," said McCoy.

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