Fluoride in Abilene Water Supply: Is it Worth It?

By Courtney Burris | cburris@krbc.tvg

Published 06/20 2014 06:04PM

Updated 06/20 2014 06:19PM

Fluoride has been in the City of Abilene's water supply for almost 15 years, but locals have differing opinions as to whether the additive is helpful or harmful.

"Its a great community benefit, the cost per person is less than a dollar," explains Dr. Glen Hall, DDS.

Some believe that fluoride in the water supply is a cost effective way to improve dental health for the whole community.

"It would be a step back now in our ability to prevent dental decay," says Dr. Hall.

Parent, Benje Morrison, says that his concern began with research he came across that suggested negative affects of fluoride in the water supply.

"I guess if we don't know, why are we doing it?," says Morrison.

He began a Facebook group a few months ago, not to champion the issue he says, but to get locals thinking and researching.

"People of all levels and all places across the country that are talking about it, so why shouldn't Abilene?," says Morrison.

Morrison explains that his main concerns are the children and he is urging parents to research from credible sources.

"I think we owe it to them to really take a good hard look at this. Be very thorough before we make these kinds of decisions. Its been fifteen years or whatever, it may be time to look at it again," explains Morrison.

So for now, for folks that want to lessen their fluoride intake, it may be best to stick to bottled water or water that has been filtered through reverse osmosis.

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