Focus On Faith: Anabel Reid's Legacy Lives On

Last November a group of ACU students and faculty were headed to Medina, Texas for their annual service trip, when the driver drifted off the road and rolled over.

Several on board were injured, and sophomore Anabel Reid was killed.

"You can tell it was a very hard day," says Mandy Scudder.

Scudder was very close to Reid and tells me what kind of person she was, "She was always in the office, what can I do for you? What do you need done? How can I bless you? That's exactly who Anabel was."

"She always cared for people. She always thought about other people. She always wanted to do the best for other people," Scudder continues.

The Medina Children's Home, where the students were headed when they crashed has dedicated a room in their new chapel to Reid.

"That's going to be a place where they can find renewal, be restored, find healing, hope, and that's exactly what Anabel stood for," says Scudder.

Although Anabel Reid has departed this earth, her legacy will live on, especially at the Medina Children's Home.

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