Focus on Faith: Biker Sunday

"With church, a lot of times it can be intimidating, or people just turn a deaf ear to it," explains Suzahn Roach.

The Church on the Rock wants to discourage people from thinking this way.

"The bottom line is, Jesus is for everybody, no matter what you look like," says Roach.

Which is why Abilene's Church on the Rock holds this event.

Roach says, "Everybody rides their bikes up to church and we start off with a breakfast at 9:30."

After breakfast there will be a service, lunch, biker games, and a live auction.

"It's just a whole day of tons of fun," Roach continues.

Roach says anyone and everyone in the community is welcome to the event.

"If you've never been to church, you're more than welcome. If you haven't been to church since you were a little kid, you're more than welcome to. If you're a biker or non biker and you want to come, please come," says Roach.

Biker Sunday will be held on Sunday, November 6, at Church on the Rock at 1228 Grape Street.

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