Focus on Faith: City Light Ministries

City Light Community Ministries is a service sponsored by the First Baptist Church in Abilene.

They offer services ranging from personal assistance to showers and laundry, and even a good, hearty meal for the hungry.

One participant agrees that this service is a great asset to the community.

Billy Sherman says, "This is an awesome place to be. They help a lot of people out here. They got a lot of caring hearts and loving hearts."

The associate director of the facility admits that the center feels like a second home.

"Our goal is to build relationships with these people. We treat them as a family," says Maura De La Cruz.

The atmosphere of City Light Community Ministries is very nostalgic and the visitors of the center appreciate that.

"And they're always there for you when you need something, like food or birth certificates, anything you need, they're here for you," says Sherman.

De La Cruz says that her job does not exactly feel like work because she has such a passion for what she does. "Pray with them, encourage them, that makes me go in the morning. I enjoy coming to City Light because I know I can be a blessing and that's my prayer, to be a blessing to these people."

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