Focus On Faith: Faith Deliverance Community Church 26th Anniversary

"We started our ministry some twenty-six years ago," says Pastor Jerry Jordan of Faith Deliverance Community Church.

Faith Deliverance started on the north side of Abilene then moved to the south.

Since the doors first opened, the pastor says they have come a long way.

Pastor Jordan says, "We've done a lot of great things, we go ministering every Saturday knocking doors and we've even went out and helped the homeless as well."

This Saturday, the church will be celebrating their 26th church anniversary.

There will be preaching, food, and fellowship.

"We're going to have several choirs in as guest choirs that are going to be singing, along with our choirs, and activities  of that sort and then afterward of course we're going to have a fellowship meal as well," says Jordan.

A day to remember, and everyone from the community is invited.

Jordan says, "They're in for a treat if they come out and participate and enjoy the service, we'll guarantee them they'll have a hallelujah time."

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