Focus on Faith: Family Opens Home For Foreign Students

When a group of students from Madagascar could not find transportation to attend church services in Abilene, Dale and Joyce Voss offered to take them to their church.

"That's when it all started, and that was in march of 2005," says Joyce.

Since then, the couple has welcomed several students visiting from different countries into their home.

Dale explains, "After we take them to church we said do you want to eat with us? Sure."

So now it has become somewhat of a tradition to prepare a meal after each Sunday service and eat and fellowship with one another.

"We remember when our children, when our sons were here, at ACU, people took them into their home and we know what it means to have a home away from home," says Joyce.

In a sense, the Voss family returns the favor in their own unique way.

"These kids have brought us more blessings than we ever gave them," says Dale.

Which is just one of the many reasons why they enjoy having them around.

Joyce says, "Sometimes I feel bad because I feel selfish because we miss them when they're not here."

The Voss family and the students studying abroad have become one big, happy, family.

"They treat us just like their parents and we felt like they needed a home away from home," says Joyce.

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