Focus on Faith: Fellowship of Christian Athletes

"I really don't know why God has allowed me to have a position like this," says Lisa Coleman.

Coleman is the community director for the Big Country's Fellowship of Christian Athletes and praises God each day for the opportunity he has bestowed upon her.

"I get paid to love on people. It's the craziest thing ever," Coleman explains.

Crazy, only because she had no idea she would be doing this for a living.

"My job is to support coaches as they are reaching out to kids," Coleman says.

FCA  is a ministry that helps coaches and athletes find their spiritual connection, but Coleman does not take all the credit herself.

"It takes all of us together who are faith-minded to pull together and make certain events happen," says Coleman.

On a daily basis she witnesses young people gain their own personal relationship with the Lord.

"I get to see God work everyday in little ways and sometimes really big ways."

She explains what she saw one young woman discover at an ACU huddle session.

"She, through her own discoveries, through FCA, and through other things, but FCA too, she realized her own faith."

Coleman says FCA is a helping hand in a culture where on field performance is everything.

"I know coaches are judged on a score board my husband is a coach I know I know coaches are judged a lot by their wins and their losses," says Coleman.

No matter the result, FCA will be there for its coaches and its players.

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