Focus on Faith: Hardin Simmons University Teaches Ethics

"We're having speakers come and talk with our students in chapel to get them thinking about ethical living," says Melissa Milliorn, Hardin-Simmons Associate Professor of Social Work.

Which is exactly what happened when Diana Garland came to speak to the university.

Garland told the explicit story of David and Bathsheba to explain how power could become abusive.

"I wanted the students to understand the role of power in our lives and what we can do whether we are persons being abused by others with their power or whether we're persons ourselves who have power," Garland explains.

Garland says although her audience was mostly made up of college students, it is never too late to hear this message.

"There were probably young people in the group that heard me today that have been abused by a leader. I wanted them to hear the message that it's not your fault," says Garland.

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