Focus on Faith: Locavore Promotes Local Food System

Abilene Christian University Locavore Club is holding their 2nd annual fundraising event to raise awareness and promote a local food system.

"We think that that is ultimately better for us, better for our society, better for the environment," says Associate Professor of Communication Jonathon Camp.

Camp explains that food is more than just fuel for the human body, it is a little more spiritual than that.

"There are all kinds of symbolic meanings about how food brings us together, how food allows us to transcend barriers," he says.

The Locavore Club believes Christians should not allow food to become a barrier to their faith.

Camp says, "As a way of enlivening our faith and livening our connection with God, who is the god of creation, and food is a part of our dependence upon that creation."

The fundraiser dinner will be prepared by Jordan Swim, an ACU alum.

"The dinner will feature local food, grown from area farmers that he will be transforming into an amazing cuisine," says Camp.

A five-course dinner that is sure to not only fill your belly, but also fill your soul.

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