Focus on Faith: On A Mission For Christ

They stand on various street corners, but they are not asking for your money.

"We were called by God a little over 16 years ago to give up all our worldly possessions," says Kevin Gabhart.

When they did, they started traveling across the United States, on a mission--for God.

"We bare this heat and we bare the cold and the rain and we do all of these things daily so that we can bring a positive point of salvation to the heart and the light of someone who don't know Him," says Gabhart.

Over the course of 17 years, Kevin and Anita Gabhart have made several stops, spreading God's word.

Gabhart lists, "Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, through Texas."

They are not done yet.

"For many are called but few are chosen. And God called us and chose us to walk all over America," he continues.

The couple says they have already walked nearly 108,000 miles by foot doing the work of the Lord.

"We have walked these streets and we have washed windows and we paint and we do carpentry," Gabhart explains.

They say they work for man to make money to survive, but  work for the Lord in their off time to receive the ultimate reward.

He says, "So that we can prove to these people, to just put a smile on their face and know that god isn't about money, he's about you."

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