Focus on Faith: Relationship with God Bring Success for Track Team

"I really didn't know what to expect at first," says Rudy Seals.

The McMurry University track and field team wanted to grow in their faith, grow closer to God, and to each other, like a family.

That is when Rudy Seals, college pastor at River of Life Church stepped in.

"I felt like that this was definitely something  he was calling me to and was calling them to at the same time," says Seals.

Seals began meeting with the team on a weekly basis.

Carla Burton, a member of the track team, says, "He would really talk about courage, or dedication."

Topics that team had heard all before.

"I think at first, people were like, we're just having another speaker but Rudy started connecting with people," says Burton.

That is what made the difference.

Seals says, "I mean I'm an older guy, and I'm hanging out with college kids and I was still a little bit anxious. Will they adopt me? Will they give me a chance? Or am i just going to be another one of those preacher guys?"

But he wasn't. He gave them hope and inspiration.

"It would just touch you, and maybe get you ready for the track meet that week or a big competition like nationals," Burton says.

The McMurry Warhawks took everything they learned from seals all the way out to California, where they walked away with national recognition.

"Everything we do is for God. God gets all the glory. He gave us the gift so we need to use it for him," says Burton.

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