Focus on Faith: Resident Volunteers with Texas Baptist Men

"About a month ago, this place was covered up in weeds and trash," says David Kirkland.

Then, the Texas Baptist Men came to the rescue.

Kirkland, a member of the organization, says, "We started to build this building."

Texas Baptist Men is a state-wide organization that is comprised of mostly retired men working for the Lord.

The project they are currently working on is a transitional living facility for youth in Abilene.

"Well the good Lord looked down one day and saw those old men out there having trouble with that strange looking roof, and C.V. showed up," Kirkland explains.

C.V. McDaniel is a local resident who happened to be driving by the 200 block of Vine Street when he saw a truck that read "Texas Baptist Men."

"My dad was a Baptist minister so I had to stop," says McDaniel.

Handiwork is something he likes doing and he figured the organization could use some help.

"I've done this all my life. It's what I want to do, it's what I like doing," explains McDaniel, "So I decided I'd volunteer."

Kirkland says it was almost like an angel was sent from heaven when C.V. volunteered his services.

"Our problems went away thanks to C.V.," says Kirkland.

McDaniel works during the day, but when he is not at work, he's helping Texas Baptist Men.

"I come in the afternoons if they're here and give them a hand until they're finished. I do whatever I can," McDaniel explains.

McDaniel says his kind gesture was really nothing more than him fulfilling his obligation as a Christian.

"If you can help, help out anyway you can," says McDaniel.

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