Focus on Faith: Retiring To Work

"We actually decided back in 1977 my husband and I wanted to go as missionaries," says Carol Bratton.

But because of their children's ages, they were not allowed to  bring them on to the mission field.

"So we decided a long time ago that we would do mission work when we retired," she continues.

Unfortunately her husband passed away in 2010, leaving her alone to fulfill the dream and desire they both shared.

"It's been just about a year ago that i found out about this box ministry."

Now that she will retire in less than a month, Bratton decided she and her sister would join the Texas Baptist Ministry's disaster relief team.

"So we went out and bought this older motor home to have a place to sleep," says Bratton.

Although her sister has some physical limitations, but that won't stop this dynamic duo.

"We decided that we could sit on the back of a pick up truck and take a tape gun and put boxes together and give them to people."

When they go to disaster sites these boxes will help people salvage items from their homes, something that may seem so small to some, Bratton knows means so much to others, when you're in need.

"It was really just finding an area where i felt like the two of us could work together and do what we feel like god is calling us to do, which is just to love his children," she says.

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