Focus On Faith: Senior Bible Study

"Since I'm a retired minister I need to do something. If not I'm afraid I'll just kind of maybe get blown away," says Hipolito Pecina.

About a year ago Pecina was asked to hosts bible study each week at Anson Park Seniors  but it is not your ordinary bible study, it is more than that.

Pecina continues, "I make time to be with them and they like that, they like for someone to come and make time for them and spend time with them and hear them out."

Which is why he does not limit his ministry to the premises.

"When I find out that they're in the hospital or some where and they're in need, I visit with them at the hospital and I minister with them there," says Pecina.

He says ministering to people of all ages and all walks of life is what a true christian is called to do.

"We talk a lot about the children sometimes, but it looks like the elderly are left out but I've seen here in Abilene things that I hadn't seen any place else," says Pecina, that people really do care.

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