Focus on Faith: Tent Revival

We sing, we preach, we feed, we give meals out each night," Mark Hewitt of Love and Care Ministries continues, "We'll actually do flu shots tonight, we'll do hair cuts, we'll actually medically treat some feet."

It is a night of fun and fellowship for everyone in the community.

"The main thing is to get the word of God out," says Hewitt.

Love and Care has a unique passion for the homeless and poor, but more so, simply people.

Hewitt says, "We love to see people's hearts excited and they get excited about food, they get excited about clothing, but people also are hungry for the Lord."

Love and Care Ministries welcomes all Christian denominations to come out and worship with them.

"It doesn't matter who you are. Love and Care Ministries is about all types of denominations that love Jesus Christ and so we welcome all people," says Hewitt.

As one of the ministers who helped start the tent revival, Hewitt says, the feeling he get's each year is priceless.

Hewitt says, "Joy in people's heart I see it in their eyes, I see it in their faces and for them to come up and say hey, thank you for doing this again, that's exciting."

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