Focus on Faith: Wylie Christian Church Opens Doors For Reflection

"As good stewards of this facility, we have tried to come up with as many ways as possible to open the doors of the facility to the community around us," says Pastor Doug Roysden of Wylie Christian Church.

One of those ways came about during this season of Lent.

"What we're doing is offering people an opportunity to have a quiet place to stop," says Roysden.

Something that everyone needs every once in a while.

Roysden explains, "One of the problems we have in our culture today is that we're over stimulated and that we have to do things intentionally to under-stimulate."

To do just that, Wylie Christian Church has opened the doors of their chapel to the entire community for the lenten season.

"Just stop in, take five minutes to sit in the quiet, usually there's music, playing something real meditative," says Roysden.

He encourages people take a small part of their day to just focus and reflect.

"For a few moments to sit in the quiet, to center yourself, to perhaps light a candle," he says.

At the end of the day the candles are put out, but the prayers will always be lifted up.

"On Easter at sunrise, we'll relight them all so that we might let that be a visual to us of the number of prayers that have been offered up here," says Roysden.

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