Getting to the Heart of Those Extra Pounds

Dave Hare had reached his limit.

"I stood on a scale and I was very disappointed with my weight as it appeared, and I said 'that's it'", says Hare.

Knowing he was overweight, and under-energized, Dave wanted to get to the heart of the matter.

"It all started with one thing--it was a check; a screen that said 'make this adjustment'", explains Hare.

A five minute screening was enough to get Dave back into the doctor's office, only to find his blood pressure and cholesterol numbers were less than satisfactory.

"When you're 50-years-old but your body is acting 70, it's time to make the adjustment", Hare tells us.

So, Dave got busy in the gym and in the kitchen.

"I started a stretching program at home and then diet changes, and I started adding more cardiovascular to it, and pretty soon I started losing weight. In one week it was four pounds, then five pounds. And over a month about twenty pounds, and then I just kept going", explains Hare.

Jon Yarbrough, of Abilene Regional Medical Center, oversees the program that changed Dave's life.

"Our goal is awareness. We want people to know what their risk factors are. The American Heart Association has produced risk factors that we know, and if you don't take care of them, then you're going to develop coronary artery disease in the future", says Yarbrough.

After looking over the results of his screening, Dave has stepped up his quality of life and is more than willing to weigh in about his winning lifestyle.

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