Gun Manufacturer Rumored to be Moving To Breckenridge

"People are just anxious to see what it's gonna be," says Breckenridge pawn shop owner Dennis Stotts.

The words "Boomtown Breckenridge" may start to mean something different, at least that's the latest rumor in town.

"There's a lot of rumors going around," says Breckenridge Economic Development Director Virgil Moore. "Some are true some are not."

The one about the gun manufacturer moving into town? Stotts says that one is the talk of the town.

"A lot of excitement, new company coming into town, a lot of jobs," says Stotts.

Moore says while everything is still under wraps, applications at the Chamber of Commerce  are creating a lot of speculation.

"We are currently taking applications through the Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce for a new firearms manufacturer," said Moore.

The Oregon firearms company, Colt Competition, makes high accuracy shooting rifles.
Sources say the company could move into an empty manufacturing plant, which closed down two years ago leaving many in the area unemployed.

"This business that we are attracting I think will more than make up for that loss," Moore said.

While an official announcement is expected sometime soon, the people of Breckenridge are waiting with open arms.

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