Hailey Dunn Remembered at Vigil, Search for Justice Begins

"I've been crying on and off all day," a Colorado City local said at the vigil. 

It was an emotional night.

"I promised a sweet 16 party in August," a searcher said. "I'm really sorry i'm not delivering on that."

Knowing that after two years, Hailey Dunn has finally made it home.

"It's a mix of emotions. You know, we tried for two and a half years to bring her home," said Holly Jenkins, searcher. "And we're somewhat relieved that she's home. The search is over. But this isn't, this isn't what we wanted."

It was the news that remains found in Scurry County did belong to the missing teen that brought them together. Family, friends, neighbors and searchers lit candles and prayed to show that their hope hasn't burned out.

"There's a light. It's something that we're holding onto. And I think that's remarkable," said a pastor at the vigil.  

For many of the searchers, the hardest part was realizing that they will never get to meet the girl they tried so hard to find.

"It's heartbreaking. I wanted nothing more than to just hug her and just tell her thank you for teaching me so many lessons and for teaching me about life. And I don't get to do that," said Jenkins.

And now that the search for Hailey is coming to an end, searchers now set out to find justice for Hailey.

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