Hailey Dunn's Mother Brings in Private Investigator, Believes She's Still Alive

Published 10/18 2012 11:08PM

Updated 10/19 2012 04:38PM

Nearly two years after her daughter went missing, Billie Dunn appears to be as hopeful as ever that Hailey Dunn will be found.

With the help of the Hope for Hailey group,  Billie Dunn has enlisted the help of a private investigator.

Mac Sanford is a P.I. out of Houston and he's been working on a case somewhat similar to Hailey's.

Mac says he spent several hours Wednesday night with Billie, combing through the internet for any possible link.

Sanford's not the only investigator following leads, Billie says the FBI and Texas Rangers met recently to discuss starting anew in some ways, revisiting areas and conducting more interviews.

Billie says she has asked the investigators to look at one person in particular.

Sanford says he's already been digging around for information on that person.

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