Hailey Dunn's Uncle Speaks Out from Jail

Del Ostrander, Hailey Dunn's uncle and Billie Dunn's brother, was arrested for drug possession, but is speaking out about his niece's death.

"I don't have no kind of involvement with my niece missing," said Del.

It's been two and a half years since Hailey Dunn went missing.And her uncle is finally speaking out.

"The day she went missing, I was in county jail," he said. "I got out of jail that day."

Though some have suspected his involvement with Hailey's death, he tells me he doesn't know what happened to her. But he believes, looking back, he could have stopped something from happening.

"When I seen her on Christmas, she asked me to come spend the night with her," he explained. "I should've spent the night there because she went missing, I think, that next day."

But whether or not he really could have saved her is speculation. And now, speculation shifts to who did it.

"People think they know what happened. I think i know what happened. I think Shawn Adkins kidnapped my niece in the morning sometime and killed her, I guess. But you can't put the blame on somebody until you know what happened," Ostrander said. 

Speculation also falls on Billie Dunn. But, Del tells us that he doesn't think his sister was involved.

"My sister, I've known my sister for 26 years," he said. "My sister ain't that kind of person."

Del says he hasn't seen or talked to anyone since the memorial a few weeks ago, which was an emotional experience for him.

"I was okay until they started reading that piece of paper," he said.

Still difficult to talk about weeks later..

"Then they started showing the pictures of her," he continued. "I couldn't take that stuff. I had to get out of there."

And if he could say anything to Hailey?

"That I love her and I miss her and I wish she was here right now."

Ostrander admitted to taking a polygraph test a few months after Hailey's disappearance, but claims to know what what the results were. No one has been arrested since her remains were identified in late April.

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