Halloween House Attracts Thousands of Trick-or-Treaters

From ghouls, to goblins, even the gnomes are dressed up for halloween.

"This is our favorite holiday," says homeowner James Puryear.

The hair-raising home makes it a yearly tradition to be the spookiest house on the block.

"We're kind of halloween people," Puryear joked.

Those who dare to come by for a visit must beware of the witches and werewolves they'll face.
With it's life-like creatures and bone-chilling detail, this presentation is no joke.

"We start about the first of October, start with our lift equipment putting everything high up in the trees. We have it about finished up mid-week of the month," says Puryear.

Hours of preparation, lighting, even professional makeup artists make it all come alive.

"Head to toe, we do it professional," Puryear said.

So if you can make it past the eletric chair and hang a left at the zombie, only there will you find your treat.
Seventy-five pounds of candy for you to choose from.

"Seventy-five pounds last us until about 8-o-clock," Puryear said.

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