Heart to Heart: Amanda

By Ariana Lubelli | alubelli@krbc.tv

Published 08/26 2014 10:25PM

Updated 05/26 2015 09:33AM

Every Tuesday on KRBC, a local child in foster care is featured in hopes of getting adopted.

This week, KRBC's Ariana Lubelli introduces viewers to a sweet 12-year-old girl name Amanda. The struggles Amanda has faced throughout her life have made her a brave and amazing young girl. She says she hopes to share her strength with others and find a permanent home.

Amanda loves to sing, play in the park, and cuddle while watching movies. Her favorite hobbies include her interest in rocks. 

"Oh I like rocks and study them," Amanda said.

Amanda says she prays every day to find a family to do the same activities she love to do with.

"I want a Christian family with a big brother and a Mom and a Dad," Amanda adds.

Amanda may have gone through many struggles in life but she says it is her bravery and strength that gets her through, another reason why an older brother is so important to her.

"He could stand up for me when I get bullied because I get bullied a lot," Amanda said.

Amanda has moved seven times and wants nothing more in life but the simple pleasures of life.

"I like being tucked in even though I am not a little kid anymore," Amanda explained. " I would like them to tuck me in and give hugs and kisses at night."


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