Heartbeat Report: Abilene Seniors Playing it Cool for Good Health

Published 08/22 2013 03:46PM

Updated 08/22 2013 10:45PM

It's been about a week since we've seen triple digit temperatures around here. But even so, the recent heat can still take a toll on your health, which is why one Abilene program is focusing on a certain age group that tends to be most vulnerable when temperatures rise.

Though we are reaching the end of August, the summer heat is far from over, and perhaps those feeling the mercury the most-also need to be the most careful.

"Seniors are prone to have chronic conditions or take medications that could prohibit their ability to maintain body temperature. So we want to make sure they stay hydrated and cool to prevent overheating and dehydration", says Kristin Bishop of Visiting Angels.

Kristin Bishop with Visiting Angels has seen the affect heat can have on the elderly, and knows it can quickly escalate from uncomfortable to deadly, in just a matter of degrees.

"Things to notice are flushed skin, excessive perspiration or no perspiration might be a sign", explains Bishop.

Bishop recommends the elderly, and children keep cool kits within reach, fully stocked with water, portable fans and cooling packs.

"We are providing a list and encouraging families or seniors to create these kits. They can be created for about ten or 15 dollars, and you can find all of the things readily available around your own home", Bishops tells us.

As the temperatures rise, so do the chances of health risks like heat stroke, dizziness, and even heart problems. Which is why experts recommend playing it safe, by playing it cool. 

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