Hitting the Books in Summer Reading Programs

Published 06/10 2014 09:22PM

Updated 06/11 2014 07:11PM

Technology often gets a bad reputation when it comes to distracting kids from learning, however, Marie Noe, who has worked at the Abilene Public Library for 35 years explains that she thinks some technology has enticed more children to read.

Noe says, "The technology you think would pull people away, but I honestly think that its brought more people in mainly because the library, especially Abilene Public Library has embraced that technology."

One program, Hoopla, allows library card holders to check out digital audio and books, which Noe says is a hit with some young ones explaining, "There are some that come in with their Kindles already ready and say I am hunting for this book, do you all have it in your collection?"

The new technology is one reason that this summer reading program is growing. "I can remember when we got 300 kids and that was just amazing. Well we are shooting for 4,500 children this year," says Noe

Video games aside, there are still plenty of chldren who are excited to read about their favorite subjects.

One parent says just helping her children continue to learn is one reason they come to the library. Kelly Sellers says, "I think its really important to keep your kids active and involved in the community too. They get to see what there is outside the home and get to learn in different ways and I think thats really important."

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