Home Garden Businesses Bloom After Dry Year Shrivels Revenue

It's been a tough year at Willow Creek Gardens and many other businesses whose revenue practically shriveled up, along with the plants, last year.

"With no rain and 100 plus degrees for almost 90 days..we hope to never see that again," explains Owner Adam Andrews.

He says the sun eventually gave way to some clouds that dumped thirsty rains on the area - and changed the attitudes of many avid gardeners.

"We've sold a lot more plants and greenery this year than we did all of last year. And so the attitude- and that's really the key to this economy and key to growing and landscaping is the attitude," said Andrews.

They say it's less about watering restrictions this year, and more about getting creative. Customers are finding new ways to keep their plants alive.

"Another option that the homeowner has is to convert some of their sprinkler system that's in the flower bed over to a drip system," said Andrews. "And the drip system can be run as needed. It does not fall under that restriction either."

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