Hotel Battles Bed Bugs, Works to Help Patrons

By Courtney Burris | cburris@krbc.tvg

Published 08/27 2014 07:25PM

Updated 08/28 2014 09:06AM

Bed bugs are a growing problem in our community and recently we obtained a list of all of the hotels and motels around town where the city has been called in to treat for bed bugs in the past two years. The city has treated bed bugs at Abilene Hotel fifteen times in the past two years and seven times at the Civic Plaza Hotel, but at one of these locations, there is more to the story.

"The main reason, the people, those who are coming here, they will bring the bed bugs. We don't create the bed bugs in the hotel," says Dasi Reddy, the owner of Civic Plaza Hotel.

Reddy says that bed bugs have invaded many hotels around town, not just his, but he says there is a reason his may have more."This has a little more of a story because of me helping a lot of community."

This doctor turned businessman says he is helping folks that have fallen on hard times. "I used to help a lot of people and I have six people I have been helping them and they are standing on their own feet," says Reddy.

Half a dozen people live at the hotel and work around the hotel doing odd jobs and maintenance, Daniel Bodie is one of them.

"I met Reddy not long after I got out of prison and I asked him about some work because I ain't been able to get no work because of my criminal background and Reddy gave me a chance," says Bodie.

He says without Reddy's kind offer, his life would be drastically different. "A lot of people that have been in and out of prison all their life, they can't make it out here. Its impossible. But with people like that, he makes it possible. He gives you the shot you need," says Bodie.

Recently, Reddy has been running the place a little differently. Considering it not just a business, but a way to help people in need.
"This is a business, but for two years, I am not treating like a business here. I am not making any money, but I'm helping a lot of people," says Reddy.

he says he's also helping people by trying to keep the bugs away. With regular treatments, Reddy says cases have gone down in recent months, and he hopes they'll stay down, so that he can keep giving people in need a place to lay their heads at night, without fear that the bed bugs may bite.

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