House of Yahweh Leader Arrested After Threatening Local Official

By Courtney Burris | cburris@krbc.tvg

Published 04/16 2014 07:19PM

Updated 04/17 2014 11:51AM

According to court documents filed by Texas Ranger Danny Crawford, Tsephanyah Yisrayl Hawkins, a leader of the House of Yahweh, was arrested after a series of threatening emails.

The court documents explain that on March 27th between 3:33 p.m. and 9:36p.m. Tsephanyah allegedly sent 96 emails to a Dallas based law firm that is representing the House of Yahweh in a civil case connected to the Yedidiah Hawkins trial. The emails allegedly threaten the safety of the law firm members, going so far as to threaten them with being shot, being harmed with a knife, and some by explosion.

According to the complaint filed by the Texas Ranger, at 5:50 p.m. an email arrived to a law firm member that says in part, "I'll kill the judge too, I know where he lives, try me". The law firm representative then contacted the Dallas Police Department and filed a report. The Dallas Police Department contacted the Abilene Police Department and notified them of the threats on the 42nd District Court Judge of, John Weeks.

Tsephanyah was taken to the Callahan County Jail and charged with three counts of obstruction and three counts of retaliation. His bonds total $30,000.

One former member of the House of Yahweh, Kepha Arcemont, explains that Tsephanyah was a go to guy for legal matters. "He is a really smart guy so he started studying law when he was fighting with his aunt and really learned a lot about the legal system, so he was kind of like the House of Yahweh attorney".

Acermont says he believes that Tsephanyah's charges will have an impact on the religious organization. "He is one of the guys that is kind of Yisrayl's right hand man and him going to jail is going to hurt them a little bit because I think that they will have to find someone to replace him".

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