House of Yahweh Responds to Arrest of Former High Ranking Official

Published 04/17 2014 01:11PM

Updated 04/17 2014 01:20PM

Tsephanyah Yisrayl Hawkins
Tsephanyah Yisrayl Hawkins
The House of Yahweh has sent out a release in response to the charges that have been brought against Tsephanyah Yisrayl Hawkins, 54, for allegedly threatening to kill a local judge, along with members of a law firm hired by the House of Yahweh for legal representation.

The release reads as follows:

A statement released by Chizqiyah Palmer, President of the House of Yahweh, to IBN News has shed some light on the recent arrest of Tsephanyah Hawkins.

When asked if he knew about the status of Tsephanyah Hawkins’ situation, Mr. Palmer stated Tsephanyah had been relieved of his duties in the House of Yahweh several months ago because of a recent illness for which he wanted no help. Mr. Palmer said he was unaware of the threatening e-mails to the judge and lawyers,and wants to assure all those involved that we, The House of Yahweh have no desire that harm come to Judge Weeks or any of the lawyers representing the House of Yahweh. He also stated that there has never been any indication of violence reported concerning Tsephanyah. Certainly we take every threat seriously, and we always report threats to our local Sheriff’s department.

Mr. Palmer went on to say that he speaks for all the leaders of the House of Yahweh when saying we respect Judge Weeks and the lawyers we have worked with for years and emphasized that neither the Laws of Yahweh nor the teachings of The House of Yahweh endorse violence or retaliation towards another person in any way, whether it be physical or in the form of threats. In fact, Mr. Palmer stated that there are extensive writings showing respect towards all people, and that holding a grudge or retaliating in any way just leads to more violence. He added that we teach and follow the advice and example of our Creator Yahweh and Savior Yahshua Messiah.

As far as our lawyers are concerned, Mr. Palmer continued, they did not file charges against Tsephanyah for retaliation, but to try to get him the forced professional help which he had been refusing.

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