How Criminals May Target Your Car This Holiday Shopping Season

A whole day of shopping may take you to more than one place.

But as you're traveling about, leaving anything behind could put you at risk for theft.

"Maybe they forgot to purchase that item and they want to run back in real quick, think twice," says Abilene Police Public Information Officer George Spindler.

Watch how easy it is for our KRBC staffer to find an unlocked car, and take off with that expensive jacket you just got gift-wrapped for mom.

"A would-be burglar can look like anybody," said Spindler.

Abilene police say typically, there are two types of burglars who walk around in a parking lot.

"One type of burglar is the person who likes to check doorhandles, and go up and down aisles," says Spindler.
"The other kind of burglar is the kind that goes around window shopping."

Police say there really is only one way to make sure all that holiday shopping stays in the right hands.

"Locking your vehicle, taking your keys, and taking your valuables," says Spindler.

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