How to save on your next energy bill

If you've noticed your energy bill spiking in cost, you're not alone.

According to Ryan Holmes at Taylor County Electric Cooperative, "people get there bill and they see its more maybe even a lot more than a month or two before."

While many things inside your home run on energy, the average household uses the most on heating and cooling.

"That makes up a pretty big chunk of your bill," said Holmes.

Experts say blasting the heat for even one cold night can make your energy usage skyrocket.

"A lot of people would love for it to be real toasty, you know 74 degrees. But if its 30 degrees outside to keep it 74 in your house is going to be difficult," said Holmes.

Lowering your thermostat only a few degrees can make a big difference...You may have to add a few layers to your wardrobe..but you'll shed dollars off your next bill.

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