ICE Agents Raid 3 Abilene Stores in 2010

In a release on Friday, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, with the help of the Abilene police, pulled roughly three-thousand items believed to be counterfeit prints of several name brands from three different stores on Thursday.

"I saw four officers and [several] special agents and they were taking out t-shirts," explained one woman, who did not wish to be identified.

The witness says she was shopping in a discount store on South 14th when the special agents were going through the items.

"I asked the lady [employee of the store] what they [the agents] were doing and she said they were taking out their merchandise."

The agents are not releasing the names of the stores, but list locations on South 14th, North Mockingbird, and North Judge Ely.

"The businesses sell a variety of merchandise. A lot of clothing merchandise, and that's what these seizures were made up of," explained Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jack Staton, out of the ICE offices in San Angelo.

Special Agent Staton could not comment in detail because the investigation is ongoing, but says charges like these can be serious.

"[In general] This causes legitimate U.S. businesses to lose billions in revenue-a-year, which can deny Americans good jobs."

KRBC sought a comment from the store identified by the witness, and was immediately told no.

Read the ICE Release.

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