Ira, Scurry County Locals Help Oklahoma

When the tornado hit Oklahoma, locals hundreds of miles away in Ira knew they had to help.

"We kind of tossed around the idea, and I thought we'd go into Snyder and buy a few things, maybe barely fill up a trailer," said Morgan Preston. 

But they gathered much more than a trailer full. In fact, the Ira community, along with help from other communities in Scurry County, raised over $14,000 in just two days.

"There's no telling how much,  commodity wise, loose stuff from diapers to Advil to toothpaste, needs that you don't think about, that they brought in," said Ira ISD superintendent Jay Waller.

The group headed to Chickasha, OK, an area outside of Moore that had been damage. But Bo Robinson made his way to Moore to see the damage done.

"We'd drive by one neighborhood and they were kind of getting things put back together and then the next street over, it looked like they had kind of abandoned the whole  street. And then the next street there wouldn't even be any houses," Robinson said.

Taking his 12 year old granddaughter as well..

"Open her eyes to how blessed we are," Robinson explained. "And what can happen. And how they're overcoming over there."

Saying that they could tell that those affected were working to get their lives back together, the group tells me that while what they brought may not be enough, but it is enough to make a difference.

"What we did, even though it was a huge amount of stuff, I know it's not going to help them until they're back on their feet," said Preston. "But just to know that we could get them on the road for just a few weeks even, it felt good."

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