Jim Ned C.I.S.D. Bond Election Stirs Up Controversy

Published 10/31 2013 07:34PM

Updated 10/31 2013 08:05PM

Jim Ned C.I.S.D. proposed a nearly 21 million dollar bond that includes a new elementary school that will be located in Tuscola if the bond election passes.

The roughly 19 million dollar proposed elementary school would feature state of the art concrete reinforced safe rooms for each classroom, as well as classrooms that are up to TEA standards.

Both Lawn Elementary and Buffalo Gap Elementary would be closed in the event that this bond does pass. Both schools are decades old and have many structural problems. Lawn Elementary has a steep ramp and narrow hallways and doorways that are not up to standards according to the American Disabilities Act. Buffalo Gap Elementary has wider hallways and doorways, but does have safety issues due to the amount of traffic during drop off and pick up times mixed with some children walking home from school with no sidewalks.

Some community members are not in favor of the bond even though they agree that the schools need updating. Some are mainly concerned with the schools being taken out of Lawn and Buffalo Gap, leaving those towns isolated. Buffalo Gap citizen, Doug Carpenter, explained that if the schools were taken out of the small towns, there would be no reason for young families to move into those areas. He explained that schools are the hearts of those small areas, and without them, there would be a weakened sense of community spirit.

As of Wednesday, 509 people have early voted in the Jim Ned C.I.S.D. bond election. Early voting ends Friday the 1st and the election is November 5th.

The Jim Ned C.I.S.D. website has information on the current issues with the schools and the specifics on how the money would be spend at the proposed elementary school.


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