Know Your Neighbor: Wagon Wheel Dance Hall

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Right outside of Abilene, in Tye, Texas, theres a place where as the sun goes down, the atmosphere lights up. 

This is the Wagon Wheel and what you're looking at is square dancing.

"Dancing has kept us young," stated Cathy Stevens.

Now you may find this Texas tradition alive and well in many places across the Lonestar State, but none of them will be quite like Tye's dancehall.

"There's lots of history here," said Jerry Stevens.

What gives this dancehall character is not simply its age, but the characters that dance inside.

"It's very special to a lot of people who have been here for a long time," he continued.

These folks have lived life to its fullest while swinging and stepping on the Wagon Wheel floor.

"It's a second home," commented Cathy.

Here Jerry Stevens decided who he'd spend his life with.

"I proposed to my wife here," he said.

And here Cathy got Jerry to dance for the first time.

"In his words, babe, I've never danced a step in my life, but I'll try," she stated.

Now both share the passion for the skip, spin, and step known as square dancing.

"It just shows on him. You'll see him dance, he loves it," she went on.

And the whirling, twirling festivities are not just for the wisest among us, according to Cathy, young folks love it too.

"Young folks have a ball if we can get them out. There's just so much going on," she said.

This abundance of things going on has led to a decline of in the number of new people coming to dance, which in turn has led many to be concerned.

Without new blood, as it were, the building's future is uncertain.

Uncertain or not, these Big Country locals, aren't going anywhere, because Wagon Wheel is home and those other dancers, well they're family.

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