Lake Patrol Officers Working to Curb Illegal Activity at Seabee Park

By Courtney Burris | cburris@krbc.tvg

Published 05/14 2014 07:00PM

Updated 05/14 2014 07:18PM

Syringes, needles, remnants of meth labs, and other signs of illegal activity are not things that many people would expect to find at a city park, however, local Lake Patrol officers have been working to curb illegal activity at Seabee Park.

"We have had some problems with some drug labs in the past in some of the more remote areas of the park. We have found a few needles and drug paraphernalia" says Lake Patrol officer Clu Burnham.

Seabee Park has picnic tables, pavilions, a remote controlled airplane runway, and lots of good hiding places. "After awhile you can see the trail where they get in pretty deep and they think nobody can see them, but we do see them" says Lake Patrol officer Tim Savage.

Lake Patrol officers say they have recently stepped up their security and are paying extra attention to the cubbyhole hiding places, which they say have helped curb some of the problems.

"I think the word is getting out that we are patrolling it more than we did in the past" says Burnham.

The Lake Patrol officers say that for the past six months or so, they have been stepping up their patrol and enforcement.

According to the Chief Marshal, Monty Huddleston, clearing out some more of the land may be helpful when it comes to keeping Seabee Park a family friendly park. Officer Burnham, who has been on the job for eight years says he thinks that will certainly help.
"If you just drove through here on a regular day, you probably would not see half of the cars that are out here because they hide in these little places, so if we could get those places cleared out, it would help us out a lot."

Clearing out the illegal activity and bringing in the family activity is what these officers say they strive for each day.

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