Letter Reveals New Possibilities in the Hailey Dunn Case

KRBC has confirmed that authorities have a letter in their possession that may point to how missing teen Hailey Dunn disappeared in December of 2010.

According to the district attorney,  the letter was sent from an Odessa jail by inmate Sonja Rene Callahan. Callahan sent the letter to family in Abilene.

"I don't know if they meant to kill her, but they took her for all the wrong reasons and now she's not here," said Malinda Martin.

Almost two years have passed since the mysterious disappearance of Hailey Dunn, but now Martin and her sister Jennifer Harrell may know where the teenager could be and what happened to her.

"It's like this black cloud has been hovering over me. I can't sleep, you can ask him, I cry all the time," said Harrell.

Jennifer Hope Harrell received a letter from her older sister, Sonia Rene Callahan, who at the time was incarcerated (in a temporary holding facility) at the Eector County Courthouse in Odessa, Texas. In the letter, Sonia revealed a secret that has been hidden due to being under the influence of drugs. Now, that she is completely sober and behind bars, Sonia wrote everything she knows about the disappearance to her sisters.

"Rene basically confessed to being a part of the disappearance of Hailey Dunn," said Harrell.

"She said that Hailey was kidnapped. That they had took her. She was in a drug house in Odessa and that they took her because Billie owed them money," added Martin.

In the letter, Sonia tried describing the event saying,

"A little kid, she 15 year old... Happened 2 year ago.. you know what I mean? "

Although she never mentions Hailey's name in the letter, she says the event she is referring to happened in January of 2011. Hailey Dunn went missing  on December 27th, 2010.

Both sisters have taken the information they know to authorities in an effort to find the teenage girl described in the letter.

"I had to. Hailey's a little girl that's missing. She's lost and nobody knows where she's at except these people," said Martin.

Sonia goes on to describe the scene at the drug house, saying there were 5 guys, 3 females, and Hailey. Sonia admits that the girl was given drugs and that she tried to help her get out, but she could not.

"She said they overdosed her with drugs, but because Hailey was so uncooperative and scared and crying and carrying on," added Martin.

These women hope the information they have been able to provide will lead them to Hailey and say those involved in her disappearance will pay, even if it is their sister.

"It took her going to jail to be able to, be able to tell someone that she was a part of that," said Harrell.

It may have taken longer than anyone would have expected, but these sisters say they have never given up on hope for Hailey.

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