Local Martial Arts Instructor Changes Lives

Don Chandler of Ranger Academy of Martial Arts Helps out Residents of Rock House

RANGER, Texas (KRBC)- After seeing his sister struggle, Don Chandler of Ranger, decided to make a difference in his city.

"I see so many special needs just get shoved off, because nobody wants to take the time, and I love kids, so I wanted to do something for them!" Chandler told KRBC.

Don Chandler has been teaching residents from the Rock House in Eastland martial arts for the past 3 years.

"Some of these students have been with me since day one", explained Chandler.

The Rock House is a Mental Health Center located in Eastland that travels to Ranger every other Tuesday.

"They come over and try to work on their skills"

But this isn't like any regular class.

"They are actually doing so many things in one little session that they don't realize it." Explained Chandler.

He wants to make sure they can protect themselves and gain that confidence so that if anything does happen to them in the future, they will be able to know how to defend themselves.

"Most of the time they are with a caregiver, but when we are out and about at the grocery store they may be on a different aisle than us, so it's important they know how to protect themselves just in case", said Jason Hicks, a careworker at the Rock House.

The students earn belts and learn the same techniques, regardless of the wheel chairs, crutches or any other disability that they may have.

"it's important for these students to engage in activities that will help them grow." Said Chandler.


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