Local Woman Shares Her Story of Abuse, Warns Others to Get Help

"Felt like an idiot, felt guilty," one woman explains.

Kristi Jones has a story that is familiar to a lot of men and women.

She continues, "I was shoved into a wall and my braces came out into a wall and almost lost my life that day."

But not everyone openly talks about it.

"Even after he left I wanted him back because i was so used to being mistreated, I didn't even know how to function," Jones says.

She says she had reached a point of no return, but for some reason, could not call it quits.

"I remember filling out a page of the things he had done to me and I filled it three pages, within five minutes, back and front, and could have gone on," she says.

She goes through pages, upon pages, of documents that she collected over the course of a seven year, abusive relationship.

Realizing the pain that she was going through, and what she was putting her children through is what made her finally seek help.

She says, "It's driving me more to make sure my kids never have to go through this again and that I change my life."

And if there is one message she could leave someone who may be experiencing something similar to what she went through, it would be this, "Don't let your relationship keep you there just because of the kids, because i did that. And it's not worth it to them. They deserve to have a good life and if you show them those patterns, they're going to recreate them in their own lives and it's not really fair. They didn't ask for that."

There are several organizations in the Big Country who cater to men, women and children who are in an abusive relationship.

The Noah Project in Abilene says it is important for people to seek help when they are being abused. This month, President Obama signed a bill that renews the Violence Against Women Act, which helps the criminal justice system's response to crimes against women.

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