Locals Protest Sparked by Comments Made by Starbucks CEO

It was a comment from the CEO of one of the country's largest coffee chains that sent Kepha d'Entremont straight for his local Starbucks.

"I think he needs to sell coffee, like he's supposed to," said d'Entremont. "At least that's what it says, 'Starbucks coffee.'"

CEO Howard Shultz has come under fire for stating that his company supports gay marriage.

At this month's shareholders meeting, Shultz told off an investor who claimed Starbucks' public support for gay marriage is bad for business. Shultz told that investor to take his stocks elsewhere.

"That was basically like telling me 'if you don't like what they're promoting with a gay agenda, then don't buy their coffee,' and see, now that puts me in a position," said d'Entremont.

Now, he and a group of protestors wants the CEO to hear their message.

"My hope is that they would understand in favoring any side, you offend people," said Valerie Adams. "What you need to do is have your agenda, but don't draw lines in the sand."

"Let him know 'hey, it is gonna affect your profits,'" said d'Entremont.

Like decaf and regular, the group wants Starbucks' CEO Howard Shultz to keep his business and his agenda in two different cups.

"To me, don't come out and say anything about gay rights, straight rights, animal rights . . . just sell coffee," said d'Entremont. "Because, we like to drink the coffee."

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