Longer School Days Possible for Abilene ISD

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - For years AISD students have been arriving and departing school at set times.

Those times, however, may soon change.

"It made me a little uneasy that there may be a change in the school system," commented Kelsie Hines, a junior at Abilene High school.

AISD is now considering a proposal that adds 25 minutes to each school day. According to staff, many teachers support this but students several students are more than a little skeptical.

"When I get into first period I'm already looking forward to the final bell," stated Joseph Dickson, another junior.

In short, more school? No thank you.

"I definitely know I'm not going to look forward to the day being extended," Dickson continued.

The proposal is due to the Texas Legislature change to the requirement for time spent in school from 180 days to 75,600 minutes. While the proposal does, in fact, add time to each day, staff says it also allows for more flexibility.

"If we go for longer than we get more days off or possibly more early release days," commented Cody Brock, a third student at Abilene High school.

Some students believe the change could be beneficial.

"It could be easier to do more homework if we have more days off," finished Brock.

But the change also has the possibility to throw several off their proverbial game.

"So for it to change it would be like starting over. Like moving to a new city your senior year," said Kelsie.

However, whatever changes do come, these students are sure they can adjust and will keep on keeping on.

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