Lot-O-Games Customer Describes Feds Raid

Federal investigators aren't releasing any information regarding a raid at a game room off highway 277, north of Abilene, Sunday afternoon.

One customer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, says Lot O Games gives something very similar to "monopoly money" when a player wins one of their slot-machine style video games. This paper money could then be used as a credit or redeemed for cash- on Sunday's Only.

Gambling is illegal in the state of Texas, and a game rooms is prohibited from offering "cash rewards", or profit for it's customers.

This customer described witnessing bets placed as high as $600 at one time.  

She described the raid, that began shortly after three p.m, Sunday afternoon.

"They busted in, there was about five of them and more outside," the woman explained.

She says her and about thirty others were told to sit and wait, while they checked identification. They were then asked to leave.

The customer claims she was unaware the business was illegal at the time.

A representative from Immigration Customs Enforcement says they are still investigating, and will not be releasing any information right now.

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