Man Claims Store Sold Him Dirty Gasoline, Wants Allsups To Pay Up

It was just your average stop at the gas station for Ray Gutierrez, eight and a half gallons later he was on the road again.

"I didn't make it home, my truck started acting up," he said.

Gutierrez, a former mechanic now living off disability, spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what was wrong.

"That is when I drained the tank," he says. "When I found the dirt and water in there, that's when I said oh, I'm in trouble".

He believes those same eight gallons of gasoline he had pumped at a north side Allsups somehow became tainted with dirt.
Now, he's facing upwards of two-thousand dollars in damages.

Gutierrez says he contacted the Allsups corporate office, and they didn't believe him.

"He mentioned the word scam...and that's where I got upset," he explained.

For him this is anything but a scam, and he wants the gas station to take responsibility.

"You know, we're paying three sixty-five a gallon for a good product. And that didn't make sense."

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