Mixed Reactions On Coleman County Alcohol Petition

Published 06/12 2014 07:53PM

Updated 11/04 2014 02:25PM

An alcohol petition in Coleman County is gaining steam since its start on May 19th. Now, the petition is certified and will be on the ballot in November, but people in town have differing opinions about the matter.

"I think everybody wins. Its a win win. There's a lot of people moving into this county and they need things to do, places to go, places to eat," explains Robert Williamson, co-owner of Rancho Loma.

He believes that the ability to sell alcohol will entice more restaurant owners to start businesses in Coleman.

Williamson says, "We live in an amazing world right now. The Texas economy is doing great. Coleman needs to have a little of that and I think this is just going to be the beginning."

This is not the first time he has tried to change the alcohol laws, but this time the proposed change has garnered enough support.
This is much to the dismay of liquor store owner, Jo Mann. she has owned Saveway Liquor for thirty-nine years.

The petition is calling for wine and beer sales in convenience stores, grocery stores, and most restaurants, which Mann says would be detrimental to her business.
"If we get any more convenience stores or grocery stores, or anything else, its going to hurt," says Mann.

So its not the restaurants she is really concerned with, but the grocery and convenience stores that she believes will make an impact.

"And let's face it, people will go in a grocery store because they will say oh everybody won't see me, when I go parking at the liquor store, they see me, but they won't see me when I'm in the grocery store," explains Mann. 

Now that the petition will be seen on the November ballot, its up to the people of Coleman County to decide weather to let liquor into grocery stores,gas stations, and restaurants, or if they want to keep it in the designated stores.

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