National Weather Service Assesses Tornado Damage in Jones County

JONES COUNTY, Texas (KRBC) - Tuesday night was a pretty big night, weather wise, for the Big Country. There was some hail, rain and even a few tornadoes.

"That's about where the funnel came down and then it went north towards Stamford," commented Hollis Muehlstein, a Stamford resident.

The National Weather Service has been unable to find any tornado related damage in Jones county where a tornado was spotted.

"We're so happy nobody got hurt, we don't want these to hit homes or anything like that," commented Hector Guerrero, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

While lack of damage is good, it does make it hard to classify the tornado.

"We still classify it, but it will be an estimate, at least an f-0 or f-1," Hector finished.

A few miles south of Stamford in Funston is a family that has had a tornado go through their backyard before and was taking no chances last night.

"Large trees had been uprooted and turned over. Our trampoline had its net in a tree," commented Julia Watkins.

Since Julia and her 2 year-old-son have been through this before, they knew exactly what to do.

"We said here we go again and just did the routine and got the flashlights, water, diaper bags and toys," she continued.

Sometimes the basement lights flicker off, but it's all something these two are used to.

"If you live in Texas, you get used to it."

As far as chaotic forces of nature go, according to Julia, her son takes the cake.

"This one, this one's the most destructive force," she finished. 

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